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Mocha - Single Origin Chocolate and Espresso Bar

Mocha - Single Origin Chocolate and Espresso Bar

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A delicious marriage of our Single Origin Chocolate and Coffee. The crowning jewels on our mocha bars are from Futura Coffee Roaster's ACT blend. Futura shares our commitment to quality; making stellar coffees while focusing on regenerative soil practices.

Available in multiple Varietal Options.

- Coffee beans: orange blossom, pineapple candy, and panela
- Also see the Tasting Notes inherent in the varietal you choose  

- 70% Cacao
- Vegan
- Resealable packaging

- 5.94” x 2.19" x .38"
- 3 oz.

Cacao, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Ground Espresso, Crushed Cacao Nibs, Crushed Espresso Beans

Our chocolate is a labor of love, done by our small team in Portland, Oregon. We hand-sort and carefully roast our cacao beans to bring out the best flavor profile possible. Then, our cacao is stone-ground in small batches over several days. A little bit of  vegan sugar and cocoa butter are added during this time. We wait for the best possible moment to pull our chocolate, maximizing for complexity of flavor and ideal texture.

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