Roste Chocolate (pronounced “roast”) is the brainchild of Michael Arnovitz, a passionate and dedicated chocolatier, coffee sommelier, and baker, getting his start with coffee professionally in the mid 1980s when he ran a chain of coffee shops.

Joined by classically trained chef and baker, Michael Silver, Roste is built out of the passion these two share for all manner of comestibles and bringing joy to others who love culinary pleasures, simple and grand.

Starting with single-origin bean-to-bar chocolate, espresso & coffee, bakery items, and a few savory treats, we have expanded into truly unique ice creams and sorbets, additional small plates, and beer & wine.

Soon you will see a few other surprises on the menu!

We all greatly appreciate your patronage and support as we navigate a new world for restauranteurs and others in the food and hospitality industry.

Theobroma cacao flowers at Kunnathurpadi
Vinayaraj V R | Wikipedia CC BY-SA 4.0

Michael Arnovitz

Founder & Co-Owner

With over 30 years of management experience and over a decade operating in the craft chocolate industry, there are very few people who have Michael’s unique combination of business, chocolate, and restaurant experience. Also an experienced baker, Michael is always looking to elevate everything that comes from Roste.

Fabiola Garcia


Born of Mexican & Venezuelan descent, chocolate is in Fabiola’s blood. She has a decade of experience as a barista, manager, trainer, and chocolate maker. She loves making people happy with great food, coffee, and of course amazing chocolate, and she jokes that when she passes she will buried with both coffee and chocolate!!


Michael Silver

Executive Chef & Co-Owner

In addition to his life as an entrepreneur, chef, baker, and food scientist, Michael also founded and runs, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to helping disadvantaged kids and bringing education about cooking, nutrition, sustainability, and related subjects to everyone, regardless of income.


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