Introducing our new line of Ice Creams and Sorbets!

Super Creamy
Ice Cream!

We have spent months developing recipes for a first-of-its-kind Single-Origin Ice Cream! It’s made from only our own single-origin chocolate, fresh vanilla beans, and a proprietary Roste crème Anglaise base.

We make three different varietals so you may choose one or order a flight of all three for a mind-blowing experience. We know you will love these, and we guarantee you’ve never had anything like them.

Other Flavors

Vanilla: made from 100% Madagascar vanilla beans (no extract, paste, or other flavorings) and Roste’s all-natural crème Anglaise

Horchata: made from organic rice, whole cinnamon sticks, crème Anglaise, and a little bit of rum and other secret ingredients

Mexican Chocolate: our single-origin chocolate and our own spice blend

Vegan Coffee: this “ice cream” is made from our own coffee plus cocoa butter and other organic ingredients and is like no coffee ice cream you’ve ever had

Vegan Sorbets: creamy, refreshing, and delicious

Other Roste Samplings

Here are just some of the things you’ll find in our café

Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

This is what we’re most known for: chocolate like you’ve never had it. In so many varities you’ll need to come back a few times.

Baked Goods

Our expert bakers make delicious treats from all-natural ingredients (including many vegan options).

Espresso and More

Come experience the wonder that comes from our beautiful espresso machine. Or try our cold-pressed coffee and other drinks. If you’re really in the mood for something special, the Marzipan Moon is crazy delicious.

Small Plates

Coming in October, we will be open until 10pm Wednesday through Saturday and will serve wine, beer, pizzas, and small plates. Come for a snack or make a whole meal from our delicious variety of pastas, salads, charcuterie, and grilled meat, chicken, and seafood.

Our Cacao Beans

why our chocolate is special

It’s all about the Roste

Hand-crafted bean-to-bar chocolate starts with the selection of beans that are sustainably grown and have tons of flavor and character. Then they are evaluated and roasted to bring out the best qualities of each region and season. After that we evaluate the exact recipe for perfect sweetness to complement the flavors of the chocolate. Come in and do a tasting of two of our thick, rich cups of drinking chocolate side-by-side, and you will be astonished — yes, astonished ! — at the differences in character and flavor.

Coffees & Bakery Goods

Come experience the wonder that comes from our beautiful espresso machine. Or try our cold-pressed coffee and other drinks. If you’re really in the mood for something special, the Marzipan Moon is crazy delicious.

Add one of our delicious baked goods, made right in our store by our expert bakers, using the finest ingredients, including our hand-crafted chocolate.

Tours & Tastings

Contact us to arrange a tour and tasting with your friends and family. One of our owners will guide you through the tasting with fascinating stories, history, and details behind everything you’ll try. You get a sampling of different chocolates, drinks, and bakery items, and a discount on any purchases.

Book 10-12 people in a group and get a 20% discount

Our Happy Customers

We love what we do. Here’s what our customers say.

Forgive me for starting with the pastries, but they were my biggest unexpected delight here. Made in-house, the Marionberry Strudel and the Chocolate Tart were served slightly warmed, and provided the kind of comfort food experience that makes a cafe visit special.

John Kutasz
Google Reviews

I was here today on my way to another place. I see why they have nothing but 5-star reviews. The service was excellent, the quality of the product was everything you would expect it to be. I ordered a Mexican hot chocolate with Peruvian chocolate and it was to die for. I’m Latin myself and it reminded me of home. I haven’t come close to anything like it since I was in Mexico for it. I also had a cinnamon roll bread pudding dessert and it was truly exquisite.

Monica C
Yelp Reviews

I’ve been here 3 times and it’s such a treat. Chocolate hits your nose when you walk and and see the machines at work. They have a nice selection of baked goods and drinks which heavily feature chocolate. The chocolate is definitely strong and tasty. Presentation of the food when eating in is a nice touch.

Michael Ferguson
Google Reviews
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